Fire Cable Coating FD 2000

Coating of the entire length of cablesto maintain the power supply to important equipment while data are being saved or a file xtinguished(recommended wet thickness 3mm). Partail Coating of cables(4m every 10m, with a recommended wet thickness of 3mm) to prevent fire from spreading along cable runs. Coating of mineral wool boards to fire stop large penetrations in walls and floors.

  • Up to 4hours fire rating for penetration seals.
  • Fire resistance for cables and cable trays.
  • Suppressive toxic glasses and smoke emission.
  • Flexible coating.
  • Halogen free formala does not give of corrosive gasses in fire.
  • Good adhesion t most surfaces.
  • Sprary, trowel or brush applied.
  • Water cleanup of tools and equipment.
  • The expanding char fills voids, including those left by perishing materials.